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    The Treasure Hunter Bag | Inspired By Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

    The Treasure Hunter Bag | Inspired By Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

    As someone who loves everything shiny and sparkly, I was instantly taken by the Niffler in Fantastic Beasts and after recently re-watching the movie, I knew I had to make a bag inspired by these cute little creatures! I called this one "The Treasure Hunter Bag"

    With every custom bag I make I always like to try something new or challenge myself in some way to hone my sewing skills and expand my imagination. This bag is the sparkliest bag I've ever made and includes 3 types of glitter fabrics, gold leather, 2 types of holographic vinyl and a big sew on gem for the eye! Since these creatures LOVE everything shiny, it seemed fitting that the bag resemble a place a Niffler would love to be!

    My initial idea was to have this little guy in a pile of treasure holding a giant diamond. And as I developed the pattern I added some gold coins,small diamonds and a string of pearls. Since these guys are little treasure hunters I thought there should be a stash of shiny things. 

    What I really love about this is all the different textures of fabric. In addition to the sparkly ones, I used black suede for the "fur" of the body which adds a soft touch. 

    As for the giant diamond, it took a while to decide on what color to use. I originally wanted to have this be red but it was a little too harsh agains everything else so I ended up using 1 layer of holographic vinyl and 1 layer of iridescent vinyl which brings out a lot of colors and is almost blinding in the light! To give the diamond some shape I cut the pattern with the same cuts of an actual diamond which helps give it dimension instead of being one solid piece.

    I am so happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoyed this little project! The best part is now I have something to entertain me until the next movie!

    Hitting The Rewind Button With This Blockbuster Inspired Accessory!

    Hitting The Rewind Button With This Blockbuster Inspired Accessory!

    Inspiration can come from anywhere....

    I recently came across an article that introduced me to "The Last Blockbuster" aka @loneblockbuster on twitter, which took me straight back to my childhood and left me laughing hysterically ; ) If you were fortunate enough to have Blockbuster in your life growing up, be sure to check it out, it does not disappoint!

    I loved going there as a kid and picking out a new movie or game to enjoy for the weekend, accompanied with candy of course. I can distinctly remember my brother buying the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS here and going back for the special edition version that came in a gold box. Though I love Netflix &  instant streaming, it was the experience of going here that was so memorable.

    Which is why I was immediately inspired to turn this 90's memory into my next custom bag!

    For the design I debated on whether to do a VHS box or the Membership card, but decided that the card would be the perfect opportunity to use some really awesome iridescent vinyl I had just purchased. I thought this would look amazing to resemble the plastic around the edges!

    Next I created the pattern. I decided to make this a clutch with no straps to keep the look as close as possible to the actual card. Luckily I had all the right colors on hand.

    If I am able to, I always try to sew appliqué pieces for the designs I make. Sometimes elements get really small but I'm usually up for the challenge. For this bag however, I needed to incorporate some really really small text for the "Membership Card" section that was just not do-able. This part would have been excellent as embroidery but since I don't have that equipment I improvised.

    I decided to create this part using an iron-on transfer. And instead of using a solid blue background, I took a picture of the blue glitter vinyl I was using so I could match the background perfectly!

    I wasn't sure how this would turn out but it is way better than I expected! I tried a few different shades of blue to get a perfect match and as you can see in the pictures, you can barely tell that this is an iron-on and not blue glitter vinyl!

    Next I added the gold border. This piece consists of straight edges and to ensure they stayed straight while sewing I used a ruler as a guide. This is a trick I use on every bag I hand make, and it really does a world of difference.


    One of the most important pieces to add was the Blockbuster letters. I had very little room for error on this part and was working to my limit in terms of how tiny these pieces were. Thankfully patience came to the rescue yet again and they went on straight and spelled correctly! Haha! ; )

    After adding the letters I sewed on the white design details.

    Also, since the body of the bag is made of clear vinyl I hand knotted the thread for every appliqué piece. This way I didn't damage the vinyl with too many hole punctures and it also makes the top stitching look really clean.

    Originally I was going to be done here....

    BUT I thought it was missing a little something special...This is when I decided to incorporate my love of getting candy on my movie rental trips and ended up adding a Sour Patch Kids pocket on the inside! This is one of my favorite candies so it seemed like the best choice

    I made this piece using an iron on transfer which was perfect for making the design stand out.

    Next it was time to sew this all together! Since I wanted the bag to be transparent, I did not add a lining. Instead I attached the inner pocket and zipper like normal then closed the side edges with a topstitch.

    And Voila! The bag was done! Hope you guys like how it turned out! ; )













    Custom Dragon Bag Inspired By Game Of Thrones

    Custom Dragon Bag Inspired By Game Of Thrones

    A Dragon bag for a Game of Thrones fan! 

    I recently had the amazing opportunity to make this custom piece for a friend of mine who loves Game of Thrones & Dragons! I'm hoping it helps her survive the long wait until next season....!

    The Making of:

    Making this bag was a little tricky. I changed my traditional shape to add scales on the side of the bag and incorporated a hand painted glass eye that really makes it pop! I had never done either of these things before but I had my idea and went with it!

    We started out with the sketch:

    At this stage I already knew it would be tricky due to the tiny little scales and the task of lining them up correctly when it came to sewing, BUT the end result would be awesome so I was ready for the challenge!

    After we agreed on the design I made the pattern and got my supplies together. This particular bag is made of leather and suede. I was lucky to find the perfect metallic colors to give this bag a real dragon look!

    In addition to the main design, I also wanted the bag to have a 3D look, so I incorporated batting into some of the scales to make them "puffy". It gives the scales dimension and  really makes them stand out. 

    For the purple scales I used 1 very valuable skill....patience! I started adding these on one at a time, lining them up as I went and double checking my pattern to make sure they were spaced correctly. When you sew tiny things, pieces can move around and having patience makes all the difference!

    One of the last steps was adding the eye lids and the glass eye. I designed the eyelids to fit snuggly around the glass eye to both hold it in place and give it a realistic look and feel.

    For the eye, I used a 1.75" glass cabochon. The design is hand painted using a variety of nail polishes, including glitter of course! I practiced this multiple times before I got one I was happy with but it was absolutely worth the time! For me, the eye makes all the difference and is what gives this bag its character!

    Since this was a custom bag I had to send it on its way to its new home but I think I'll just have to make one for myself in the near future!

    This one's for you Ray

    This one's for you Ray

    My "why" for making things is to surround myself with things that I love, things that have a special meaning to me. I made this Futurama Bender inspired bag in memory of my little brother and best friend Ray Ruiz who passed away last year after battling brain cancer for 11 years. My sister Lisa was the first one to call him a "warrior" are there is not better word to describe him. This guy has a piece of my heart forever and being able to make something that reminds me of him keeps his memory close by, right where it should be. 

    If I have any talent, skill or creativity, I can thank Ray for bringing that out in me. He always pushed me to try my best while 100% believing I would come through even if I doubted myself. Whenever I had an idea of a project I wanted to start, I would always run it by him to see what he thought about it and he'd always encourage me to go for it. He was the kind of person that believed in everyone. 

    Futurama was one of his favorite shows, something that we both shared. I think this bag would have been his favorite and he'd probably be asking what I was going to make for him now. Making things for Ray are some of my favorite memories, especially his Halloween costumes. Though I would never make anything for myself, Ray's costume had to be "movie quality" and its these types of standards that have helped me grow as a person. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and I know he'll keep inspiring me for the rest of my life. 

    This one's for you Ray, I hope its up to par : )



    A few Halloween favorites: