This one's for you Ray

My "why" for making things is to surround myself with things that I love, things that have a special meaning to me. I made this Futurama Bender inspired bag in memory of my little brother and best friend Ray Ruiz who passed away last year after battling brain cancer for 11 years. My sister Lisa was the first one to call him a "warrior" are there is not better word to describe him. This guy has a piece of my heart forever and being able to make something that reminds me of him keeps his memory close by, right where it should be. 

If I have any talent, skill or creativity, I can thank Ray for bringing that out in me. He always pushed me to try my best while 100% believing I would come through even if I doubted myself. Whenever I had an idea of a project I wanted to start, I would always run it by him to see what he thought about it and he'd always encourage me to go for it. He was the kind of person that believed in everyone. 

Futurama was one of his favorite shows, something that we both shared. I think this bag would have been his favorite and he'd probably be asking what I was going to make for him now. Making things for Ray are some of my favorite memories, especially his Halloween costumes. Though I would never make anything for myself, Ray's costume had to be "movie quality" and its these types of standards that have helped me grow as a person. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and I know he'll keep inspiring me for the rest of my life. 

This one's for you Ray, I hope its up to par : )



A few Halloween favorites:

  • Jen on

    Looks like you and Ray had some awesome times together. Fandom is great with a friend and even better with family. You made a really awesome piece to honor him and I’m pretty sure he’d be really proud. You’re love really comes through in this, a true gift for a true fan.

  • Sue Cross on

    Ray is so very proud of you as I am too. You are an artist as he was. Your beautiful pieces of work are gorgeous. I want them all. XO

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