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    Hello and welcome to my shop Sent From Mars!

    My name is Mari Cole and I love creating! My husband Matt and daughter Raven are my best friends :)

    I started my first Etsy shop for fun back in 2015 and have been gradually growing it into a real business! Being a mom is my full time job so I've been learning how to balance both passions and have fun while doing it! I love designing in all forms from drawing to sewing and am greatly inspired by my childhood memories, particularly  movies, shows and games that I love. My favorite things to design are accessories because I love how much use you can get out of them and how many different ways you can wear them. I'm excited to keep growing and sharing my journey, hopefully inspiring others as I go and making things people really love! My favorite part about starting Sent From Mars is seeing people enjoy things I've created, I love the happiness that it brings and adding a little more joy to the world.

    You can find more of my work here: I'm most active on Instagram :

    Instagram: @sentfrommars

    Twitter: @tweetedfrommars

    Facebook: Sent From Mars